Reality contol basics  
God created man in His own image and likeness.
Man is eternal.
Man is a creator.
I am eternal.
I am a creator.
God created man from Himself, God created man as part of Himself.
I am part of God.
People are all part of God.
People are all eternal.
People are all creators.
People are all brothers and sisters in God.
God experiences Himself from each person’s own point of view, based on their own personality.
Man creates reality at every moment, unconsciously or consciously.
Man, in the likeness of God, creates with thoughts and consciousness.
Man received free will from his Creator.
Man is free to choose whether his thoughts are based on fear or love.
From a thought based on fear, a reality emerges that evokes the experience of fear, such as illness, old age, war.
From a thought based on love, a reality emerges that evokes the experience of love, such as health, eternal life, peace.
Man unconsciously creates a fear-based reality when he watches and listens to frightening news and produces thoughts from them.
Man must choose not only the spoken words and deeds, but also the thoughts.
Man must develop his own consciousness in order to be able to think and create correctly for everyone.
As Grigori Grabovoi says:
“The structure of the world should intensively develop within the development of our own consciousness.”
“Man is the entire external and internal world simultaneously.”
Because of the latter, when we want to restore something in the outside world, we must at the same time look for and restore troubles, such as physical illness or bad habits, in our own inner world.
Thought is pure energy.
Similar energy attracts similar energy.
Similar energies join together.
After a while, the condensing energy actually appears as an event, and the very condensing energy as matter.
With his thought, man creates a biosignal, energy, light.
The quantity of energy of thought was formulated by Grigori Grabovoi:
E = V * S, energy = volume of perception * speed of perception.
According to the formula, the amount of energy can be increased by increasing the volume of perception of the creator man.
That is, seeing an event from a distance the energy of thought can be increased.
Thus, for example, in the recovery of events affecting the whole of humanity or the planet Earth, it is worth looking back at the planet from a distance so far from where the whole planet can be seen.
The speed of perception can be increased by raising the level of individual consciousness, by performing concentration exercises.
Love is the most powerful force.
As long as fear is ugly, weak light, love is pure, enormous, powerful light.
The light of love is 100,000 times stronger than the light of fear.
The thought of a single person based on love can purify the effect of the thought based on fear of 100,000 people.
The power and light of love is not pure if the underlying thought of love is based on fear.
When one loves because he is afraid that something will go wrong, his love is nourished by fear.
If one wants to be healthy because one is afraid of illness, then one’s love is based on fear.
If one wants peace because he is afraid of war, then his love is also based on fear.
The power and light of love is pure when man considers trouble to be a task that he wants to solve.
And he wants to solve the task in a way that suits everyone.
Pure love is based on helping everyone.
“Love expands, opens, sends, retains, reveals, shares, heals.”
“Fear closes, love opens, fear grabs, love releases, fear aches, love eases, fear attacks, love modifies.”
Man must not beg God to give him something, because man is a part of God and on the one hand man can achieve everything as a creator, and on the other hand he already has everything.
By begging, man would only tell God that he does not recognize his own divinity and does not recognize that he already has everything.
Man must awaken to his own divine power and use it.
However, man can give thanks to God for everything He has given him, thus confirming that he is aware that he is His creature and that he has everything.
God’s plan is not to make one feel subordinate to Him, but on the contrary, to want to see all people as co-creators, since all people are part of God.
God desires conscious union with man.
“The Principle of Divinity: Aspiration for imperishability of body, for eternal life, and for development of true consciousness is the practice of the uppermost flourishing of human existence.”
So be it! :)
Created by: Bencsik Roland. Contact: RolandBencsikRolandhu